6x6 R/L AD Rough PP El Paso, TX $415/mbf Inquire
4x4 R/L AD Rough PP El Paso, TX $395/mbf Inquire
2x4-8 #3 KDHT SPF Detroit, MI $219/mbf Inquire
2x4-6 #3 KDHT SYP Gordo, AL $225/mbf Inquire
4x6 HT Rough Hardwood Cants Brownsville, TX $395/mbf Inquire


1 4x12 Shop OSB Spring City, TN $209/msf Inquire
15/32 4x8 Reject OSB Detroit, MI $135/msf Inquire


23/32 4x8 DF Mill Cert Plywood Stockton, CA $475/msf Inquire


4x9 Smooth Soffit B-grade 7/16" Hardboard Statesville, NC $125/msf Inquire
9 x 12 Smooth Colonial Beaded 7/16" Economy Siding Statesville, NC $125/msf Inquire

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